Success Stories

These businesses started at Square One Kitchens and became Fargo-famous! Check out these inspiring stories, then contact us today to start yours!

Romo’s Tacos

We met Romo back in the spring of 2013.  He had moved here with a dream to bring the true flavors of Mexico to the great Midwest.  That my friends, he did!  Rodolfo Romo, owner and chef of Romo’s Tacos, started by purchasing a food truck and hitting the streets with his flavor packed burritos, tacos and more.  The first summer that Romo operated his food truck I ate Mexican food nearly daily.  It was glorious.  Whenever he would swing by Square One after the lunch rush he’d offer me a Taco in a Bag, nachos piled high with everything amazing or whatever else he was cooking up that day.

I ate Mexican food nearly daily.  It was glorious.

After operating his food truck for another season he opened Romo’s Tacos on 13th Avenue South near I-29.  He continued to utilize Square One for his food preparations as the location on 13th Avenue was not equipped with a kitchen sufficient for the amount of food he needed to produce his food.  After rave reviews and lines out the door he opened up a shop downtown – Romo’s on Broadway in the Black Building.  This location offered him kitchen space so he made the official move from Square One Kitchens to his own space.  Though I don’t get to smell the amazing food daily or have tacos for lunch everyday, it’s been great watching his business grow and see him expand into another location on 19th Avenue North in Fargo.  Romo is one of the hardest working people I have ever met and it shows.  He has taken his business from food truck to multiple brick and mortar locations utilizing Square One to build the reputation, following and momentum before taking the big leap into his own space.  Looking forward to seeing where he goes from here!

Power Plate Meals

Seth and Haylee swung into Square One in the fall of 2015 to get their business, Power Plate Meals, underway.  Immediately after meeting them I knew these two were not only onto something big, but had the mustard and gumption to make it happen!  They started offering healthy, convenient and well balanced meals for purchase online or locally with pick ups at Square One Kitchens.  They were SO busy!  There were days where I left work and returned the next morning to find them still there.  Talk about dedicated!  By utilizing the kitchen at Square One they were able to gauge how receptive the area was to their business model and get a feel for what it would take to produce their products on a larger scale.

These two were not only onto something big but had the mustard and gumption to make it happen

Their first month operating Power Plate Meals was January of 2016.  On February 8th a fire destroyed nearly everything inside of Square One and their business was placed in a difficult situation.  Before the fire they had talked about opening their own location as they were finding such great success with what they were offering.  So, after a couple months of dedicated hard work they opened up their own location in West Fargo in the Pioneer Center.  Now they can operate daily so folks can swing by to pick up meals or order online as well.  It was a pleasure getting to know the Power Plate Meals crew and we wish them nothing but the best!